Delivering High Quality Solutions

Delivering High Quality Solutions

21 August

Delivering High Quality Solutions

Most of the organizations around the world are trying to improve efficiency by deploying new operations-oriented solutions. How come more than half of them fail to provide the expected results? More importantly, what can you do to be on the upside of this critical opportunity? Read on to get a few hints on how to swim in this shark infested waters.

According to statistics published by Panorama Consulting, more than 59% of corporate IT investments are targeted to improve operational efficiency. Oddly enough, roughly 53% of them deliver less than half of the expected benefits and, of these, 62% fail due to operational and process issues.

I’m guessing you get the picture. Deploying an operational solution is certainly no walk in the park and it does entail a few complications that, if not properly understood and mitigated, will drain your resources and still make you come up short on expectations.

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